Remote Viewer™ — Lite Sight Accessories

Part Number Part Name Photo Part Description
850-110-1006 Power Supply System 30 30 watt solar panel power supply kit 30 Watts, 33 Ah battery, water tight battery box, 5 Amp solar regulator, and solar panel mount. Ideal for summer conditions.
850-110-1006 Power Supply System 50 50 watt solar panel power supply kit 50 Watts, 75 Ah battery, water tight battery box, 5 Amp solar regulator, and solar panel mount. Best for winter or high usage.
850-110-1021 Camera Glass Heater Remote Camera Glass Heater Use this nifty outdoor camera glass heater to prevent your camera system from icing up during the icy outdoor conditions. Low power consumption and simple to install.
850-110-1001 Ethernet Switch Upgrade Either new switch upgrade Ethernet switch upgrade, including installation kit. This allows instant viewing through the camera lens while the system is in operation. Does not require a static IP. Saves time during set up and eliminates the need to configure a laptop.
850-110-1004 Cable Critter Protection critter protection cable Cable armor to protect against cable chewing by small animals.
850-110-1008 Camera Quick Connect Kit Remote camera quick connect kit Remote Viewer Quick Connect Kit for camera. Allows the camera to be separated from the system for easy transportation and setup.
820-101-1012 Heavy-duty Aluminum Tripod Remote camera aluminum tripod Heavy-duty aluminum tripod with adjustable legs—36”, includes 5’ aluminum pole.
820-101-1014 Lite Sight Heavy-duty Aluminum Tripod Heavy duty aluminum tripod with adjustable legs—28″ to 48″, includes pole and Lite Sight mount.
800-152-1000 Lufft Weather Station WS-500-UMB Luff weather station Smart weather sensor with professional intelligent measurement transducers and digital interface for environmental applications. Measures wind speed/direction, air temperature, air pressure, and relative humidity. Includes 10M comm cable and power cable
170-040-1009 RV Illuminator RV Illuminator See-in-the-dark IR illuminator provides infrared illumination to provide better quality black and white images for photographs taken in low light conditions.