Nupoint launches industrial Fixed Sight cellular camera — sends photos of remote locations

Vancouver, January 14, 2020—Nupoint Systems, developer of the Fixed Sight satellite camera system, has launched the cellular version of this ruggedized camera system. Designed to take scheduled photos of remote locations and transmit them back to site managers, the new Fixed Sight cellular camera system employs leading-edge technology to select the strongest available cellular signal based on its location. It’s an asset that sends valuable images and data from remote areas 24/7/365.

Wayne Carlson, President and CEO of Nupoint Systems said, “The advantage of the cellular Fixed Sight camera system is that it selects and operates on the best cellular signal in the area for an affordable monthly cost. Our monthly plans provide our customers with cost certainty and peace of mind that there will be no unexpected charges.”

The Fixed Sight cellular camera is ready out-of-the-box for on-site setup in minutes and can be configured remotely. All images captured by the Fixed Sight cellular and satellite camera systems can be accessed and managed remotely via the Nupoint secure website or via email. The Fixed Sight is ideal for permanent or semi-permanent multiple season setups and for extended field monitoring, such as climate change tracking, monitoring gauge stations, dams, spillways, railway passes, and bridges, highway visibility, monitoring volcanoes, glaciers, marine buoy installations, and remote airfields to name but a few. This highly versatile system can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and can be integrated with weather stations and a host of other data sensors.


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About Nupoint Systems

Nupoint satellite communications solutions enable environmentalists, climate change specialists, governments, natural resource operators, law enforcement, and owners of remote buildings to transmit, access, and control critical data effortlessly from remote locations using satellite or cellular coverage. Nupoint’s end-to-end systems incorporate cameras, weather stations, and data sensors and work 24/7/365 to deliver images and data to allow managers of remote locations to monitor and track remote activity including environmental conditions, natural and man-made infrastructures, equipment, wildlife, and illegal activity.