Nupoint Systems Selects Globalstar Data Services for M2M Satellite Connectivity

Nupoint Systems SD200 enables M2M data collection from assets beyond the reach of cellular and terrestrial communication


Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 4, 2013—Nupoint Systems Inc., satellite data communication network and modem provider, today announces the establishment of a long term relationship with Globalstar Inc. with the signing of a three year airtime and distribution agreement.

Nupoint products and services integrated with Globalstar satellite data services will be used to provide two way communications for M2M data collection and monitoring of customer assets including oil and gas wells, mining sites, water management systems, environmental/weather sites, pollution detection systems, early warning systems and remote security.

“Our team has successfully designed and built thousands of satellite based devices over the years and after careful testing and evaluation we concluded the combination of great value, excellent throughput and the fact that the second generation constellation is now complete made Globalstar the partner of choice for Nupoint’s satellite service,” said Wayne Carlson, President & CEO of Nupoint Systems. “Companies can’t always choose the location of their assets, but they can choose a reliable and cost effective satellite communications solution to connect to

those assets. With Globalstar’s recently launched satellites having a design life of 15 years, Nupoint is able to provide reliable two-way connectivity with our customer’s data equipment, even in the most remote locations for years to come.”

“The capability to acquire M2M data from remotely located assets and transmit that information through the Globalstar satellite network, gives customers of Nupoint Systems the ability to make decisions based upon real-time actionable information,” said Jim Mandala, Vice President and General Manager, Globalstar Canada. “Being chosen by a group of experienced Satellite device manufacturers such as Nupoint, further solidifies the industry’s confidence of our return as the world’s leader in MSS voice and data services. As the first Mobile Satellite Services company to complete the launch of our new constellation, our customers can enjoy the reliability and the continuation of affordably priced satellite services to meet their evolving data communication needs.”

About Nupoint Systems Inc.

Nupoint Systems is a leading satellite equipment and network provider for M2M application vendors. Nupoint engineers have decades of experience developing cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of locations and environments where remote monitoring and control are required. Nupoint’s products combine advanced processing platforms with satellite modem technology in ruggedized enclosures for M2M communication needs. The Nupoint Network complements the modem equipment and makes Nupoint’s communication solutions uniquely suited for many M2M verticals. Nupoint Network is a trademark of Nupoint Systems Inc. For more information regarding Nupoint Systems,

About Globalstar, Inc.

Globalstar is a leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services. Globalstar offers these services to commercial and recreational users in more than 120 countries around the world. The Company’s products include mobile and fixed satellite telephones, simplex and duplex satellite data modems and flexible service packages. Many land based and maritime industries benefit from Globalstar with increased productivity from remote areas beyond cellular and landline service. Global customer segments include: oil and gas, government, mining, forestry, commercial fishing, utilities, military, transportation, heavy construction, emergency preparedness, and business continuity as well as individual recreational users. Globalstar data solutions are ideal for various asset and personal tracking, data monitoring and SCADA applications. Note that all SPOT products described in this or any Globalstar press release are the products of Spot LLC, which is not affiliated in any manner with Spot Image of Toulouse, France or Spot Image Corporation of Chantilly, Virginia. SPOT Connect is a trademark of Spot LLC. For more information regarding Globalstar Canada, please visit Globalstar’s web site at