• Introducing Aerimis for Iridium Satellite Network

    Stay Connected with Remote Environmental Cameras

Aerimis environmental monitoring systems will keep you in the picture anywhere in the world

True global coverage for monitoring climate change on the Iridium satellite network*

Designed to reliably monitor remote environments in extreme and inhospitable remote locations, Aerimis systems operate anywhere on earth.

A turnkey system, rugged and dependable, it can be deployed for months or years unattended. Aerimis provides a vital connection by delivering up-to-date photos of your remote location. Aerimis cameras have been designed to enhance your current Nupoint camera system network.

Aerimis remote viewer cameras provide reliable photographs of remote locations anywhere in the world.

*Excluding Iridium red zones. Models available for cellular (international coverage) and Globalstar network (North American coverage).

Ready to learn more about the NEW AERIMIS CAMERA SYSTEMS for the Iridium satellite network — accepting orders now!


    Observe remote environmental conditions nupoint remote viewer


    Track remote environmental conditions—wildfires, floods, snowfalls, and more, without leaving your office.

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    remote ice snow monitoring vancouver


    Convenient and secure access to your remote system images and data through the Nupoint portal 24/7/365.

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    Reliably access your remote data and images

    Nupoint remote camera systems enable you to transmit, access, and control critical data effortlessly from remote locations using satellite or cellular coverage. Our end-to-end solutions incorporate cameras, weather stations, and data sensors and work 24/7 to deliver the data you need to monitor and manage remote activity including climate change, natural and man-made infrastructures, equipment, wildlife, and illegal activity. Nupoint’s reliable and cost-effective solutions are the #1 choice of climate change specialists, environmentalists, governments, natural resource operators, law enforcement, and consumers managing remote locations.


    Nupoint Systems Inc.’s camera solutions and telecommunication products comply with the rules and regulations laid out by the US Department of the Interior, Public Law, section 115-232, section 889.

    Supporting documents available upon request.

    Nupoint Remote Viewer FIRE Alberta Wildfire Rocky WMA

    Nupoint Remote Viewer Enviornment Canada BC

    Nupoint Remote Viewer Snow Water Enviornment Canada BC

    Nupoint Remote Viewer Environment Canada BC Gauge Station

    Nupoint Remote Viewer FOG Era Helicopters

    Nupoint Remote Viewer National Park Service Bear Glacier

    Timelapse videos on this website have been created using images taken by Nupoint Systems camera solutions.