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Aerimis remote environmental monitoring systems
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True global coverage for monitoring the effects of climate change using the Iridium satellite network

Designed to reliably monitor remote locations in extreme and inhospitable environments, Aerimis camera systems provide valuable images from virtually anywhere on earth1. Aerimis cameras are turnkey systems and can be deployed for months or years unattended and provide a vital connection by delivering up-to-date photos of your remote location. Aerimis cameras will fully integrate with your current Nupoint camera system network. Aerimis cameras provide reliable photographs of remote locations anywhere in the world.


Aerimis cameras connect people and devices through a constellation of Iridium satellite networks close to home and in the world’s most remote places1. Other Nupoint Systems’ cameras also operate on cellular networks around the globe or on the Globalstar network within North America.

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Remote Viewer FS

Globalstar remote monitoring solution for North America

The Remote Viewer FS is purpose-built camera system for image-based environmental monitoring using the Globalstar satellite network for North American coverage2

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Nupoint partnered with Iridium shortly after the introduction of the Certus 100, and early in 2024, we launched our global satellite camera, Aerimis.

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1Except where prohibited by law or local regulation. Aerimis cameras are also available for cellular (international coverage).

2Globalstar North American coverage does not include far north in Canada.