For reliable satellite data communications from anywhere to anywhere on earth!

Founded by veterans from the world of satellite data communications, Nupoint Systems was formed with the belief that affordable, reliable, data communications should be available from anywhere to anywhere on earth. We build M2M data communication solutions (machine-to-machine) for protecting assets and communicating in remote locations. We provide the data communication tools that work when failure is not an option. Read more about how Nupoint Systems.

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our products

Remote Viewer Series

For Imagery

This compact Remote Viewer satellite camera solution has been designed to allow managers of remote locations, like you, the ability to keep an eye on what’s happening as often as needed.

Learn more about this rugged, portable, and lightweight satellite camera solution.

Remote Connect

For Remote Data Communications

If you need to monitor, track, and control your remote assets, the Nupoint Remote Connect lightweight satellite transceiver solution provides a cost-effective and reliable M2M communications (machine to machine) solution.

Learn more about how easy it is to track and control assets (static or mobile) in remote locations around the globe that are outside of cellular coverage.

Remote Detect

For Remote Intrusion Detection

Remote Detect is a compact, affordable satellite enabled camera system and photo service that reduces the worry of managing unoccupied remote properties. Ideal for both commercial facilities and personal homes located outside of cellular coverage.

Learn more about this unique method of monitoring your remote assets.

our remote viewer kits

Fixed-Sight (FS) Kit

A ready-to-go fully functional remote environmental monitoring system that contains everything needed to get setup remotely and start transmitting regular images to you and your team. Fixed-Sight (FS) kit is most suited for permanent and semi-permanent applications. Get monitoring your semi permanent locations.

Find our more about the Fixed-Sight (FS) Kit

Rapid-Sight (RS) Kit

A fully functional portable remote satellite camera system, easy to move from site to site (kit components can be disconnected from one another to make transportation hassle free), Most suited to short-term operational seasonal or incident related locations. Make monitoring multiple locations easier with one portable solution.

Find our more about the Rapid-Sight (RS) Kit

Opti-Sight (OS) Kit

A fully loaded portable remote viewer system with motion sensor to trigger images plus a local network accessible storage that provides the ‘full story book of images’ in addition to those sent back to headquarters. Access to extra images are highly beneficial where detailed event analysis is required. See the full ‘story book’ of your remote location.

Find our more about the Opti-Sight (OS) Kit

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