Climate change monitoring


The value of environmental monitoring systems

The gradual warming on the Earth’s surface is a crisis demanding immediate action, and scientists and environmentalists around the globe are using the Aerimis remote monitoring system, an invaluable tool, to help track climate changes.


Global warming measurement

Using Aerimis system, it’s easy to set up in remote, harsh areas of the planet and monitor changes in the environment from anywhere in the world. The Aerimis system is used to monitor:

Aerimis camera applications infrographic: wildfires and forests, ice and snow formations, weather conditions for remote travel, droughts and water level fluctuations

Tracking climate changes through the delivery of periodic images sent over satellite networks provides you with invaluable pictures of global warming changes hour to hour, day to day, or week to week.

Monitor climate change without leaving your desk

Aerimis allows you and your team to monitor climate changes from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Once set up remotely, systems can operate in the harshest of environments for months or years while reliably sending you images of the remote subject.