About Us


Remote monitoring innovation

Aerimis systems allow climate change specialists, environmentalists, governments, and more to set up cameras anywhere in the world to monitor environmental activity. Designed by Nupoint’s team of engineering specialists, with unrivaled knowledge and field experience, Aermis systems push the boundaries of innovation making satellite and cellular image and data transmission functional, effective, affordable, and reliable.


Operates on satellite and cellular networks worldwide

We understand the neccessity for those managing isolated locations that are often problematic to visit regularly, the need to monitor what’s happening when you cannot be there. We started out over ten years ago with a simple vision—to give those studying the effects of climate change access to vital imagery and data regardless of location and communication networks. Today, Aerimis operates on the Iridium satellite network, cellular networks, and the Globalstar satellite network, which means we’ve got you covered no matter where your remote site is in the world.


Easy access to vital imagery and data

Once installed, it’s easy to schedule your Aerimis system to transmit images and data from your remote location. Our systems incorporates cameras, weather stations, and data sensors and works 24/7/365. This means you will always know what’s happening, even when you cannot be there. At the core of our solution, is our client portal, allowing you to configure and manage all your remote systems through one online portal, as well as allowing team members permissions and access to system images.


Reduce the necessity of travel

When you have access to a history of information (imagery and data), travelling to your isolated work sites is less of a priority. And when you cut down of traveling, you reduce your carbon footprint and save time and money.


Developed in response to a need for efficient and cost-effective remote environmental monitoring

Nupoint works closely with its clients. The development of our new Aerimis solutions is the direct result of client requests and feedback—allowing us to match in-the-field needs perfectly. The #1 choice of environmentalists, governments, and natural resource operators managing remote locations, Nupoint’s remote satellite and cellular camera systems can be trusted to deliver images of remote activity including environmental conditions and natural and man-made infrastructures.