Weather monitoring system for remote travel


Know before you go and significantly reduce the risks of traveling to remote locations

Gain critical insights before embarking on a journey to a remote destination where weather, road, and rail track conditions are otherwise unknown. You can rely on Nupoint’s camera system to share invaluable images in advance of your departure, showing crucial information about bridge conditions, water levels, and snow and ice conditions, ensuring a safer travel experience.

Traveling by air to remote locations

By setting up Nupoint’s camera system at your remote airport/airstrip destination and along your route, it gives decision-makers and pilots the fly/no fly information they need to make informed and safe decisions when flying into remote locations with no cellular coverage.

Traveling by road and rail to remote locations

Know whether it’s safe to travel to a remote destination before you set off. Nupoint’s camera system can share invaluable images in advance of your departure, showing critical areas such as bridge conditions, water levels, and snow and ice conditions.


Save budget and keep travelers safe

Access Nupoint camera system images conveniently through the client portal, receive them directly via email for you and your team, or view the latest images by visiting a unique URL. Customize image capture frequency—pre-programmed or triggered on demand. This critical information about your travel route and destination has the potential to eliminate unnecessary trips, ensuring the safety of travelers.

Yesterday’s pictures don’t mean anything to us

“TEMSCO Helicopters, one of the largest helicopter tour and commercial aviation companies in Alaska, uses multiple satellite cameras placed at strategic remote locations. “Our satellite camera systems are important decision-making tools our base managers and lead pilots use in deciding if we’re going to launch an aircraft or not,” said Joel Kain, TEMSCO’s Director of Safety.

Nupoint’s remote monitoring systems’ ability to provide up-to-date photos of remote destinations improves TEMSCO “operational control.” Kain explained, “Yesterday’s pictures don’t mean anything to us.” When flying in what can be extremely hazardous weather conditions in Alaska, the team at TEMSCO likes to have current data. Having the latest visual information on weather conditions allows base managers and lead pilots to cancel flights before they take off if Remote Viewer’s photos indicate adverse weather conditions. This saves time, fuel, and mechanical costs; but more importantly, it reduces the risk of putting their crews and tour guests in extreme or deteriorating weather conditions.

The flexibility of satellite monitoring system and its customizable solutions have allowed TEMSCO to set up a website that pilots and base managers can access to see conditions in a particular area—any time. This timely information means TEMSCO can “see around the corner” and divert contract, charter, or tour group flights to the best viewing areas. When it counts most, TEMSCO counts on Nupoint’s Remote Viewer system.”
Joel Kain
Director of Safety, TEMSCO

Note: Nupoint’s Aerimis system can be ordered with a Rapid Pack Accessory Kit (part # 850-110-1030), designed to make transportation from site to site fast and easy. The Rapid Pack Accessory Kit comes with a rugged transportation case with laser cut foam, a heavy-duty tripod, a watertight battery case for 33 Ah to 100 Ah battery with an integrated 10Amp solar charger, a 50-watt solar panel, and deployment tools (tie-downs, ground spikes, hammer). The battery and camera are sold separately. The weight, including a 50-watt panel but excluding the battery, is 77 lbs/35 kg.