Aerimis: remote satellite camera monitoring system for global coverage

Aerimis camera system overview

  • Ruggedized remote viewer camera systems programmable to transmit quality images from remote locations anywhere in the world*
  • Available for Iridium and Globalstar satellite networks and cellular networks—all managed on one reliable client portal
  • Affordable fixed-cost image pricing plans provide cost certainty
  • Systems can withstand harsh weather conditions (-40°F to +122°F, -40°C to +50°C). Systems operate for months or years at a time unattended
  • Designed for solar/battery 12V power supply and consumes minimal power
  • Easy to setup on location and manage remotely—omni-directional antenna (no need to point antenna)
  • Port for additional sensors (e.g., weather station)
  • Customize to meet the conditions of your remote location
  • Reduce travel costs by eliminating unnecessary travel and wasted trips

*Models available for Iridium satellite network (global coverage with the exception of Iridum red zones), cellular global coverage with the exception of areas not covered by cellular), and Globalstar satellite network (North American coverage).

Aerimis system builder

Let us help design a camera system for your unique needs.

Aerimis system management client portal

  • Manage all your Aerimis camera systems—Iridium, Globalstar, or cellular—using one system management portal
  • Consistent commands and user experience for all networks
  • Easy to set up systems, configure image capture frequency, set permissions for all users, track battery consumption, view and download images, track system history, view GPS triggered map of system locations, and more
  • Transmit and manage quality images tagged with metadata (timestamp, GPS location, outside temperature, battery voltage level)
  • Customize meta data to include data from other environmental sensors (e.g., weather station)
  • Easy access to images via online system management portal, unique url, or email

Aerimis satellite and cellular networks

Aerimis remote monitoring cameras are available to operate on the following networks.

For Coverage Anywhere in the World*

Iridium Satellite Network

Excludes Iridium red zones.

Cellular Networks

Excludes areas not covered by cellular.

For North American Coverage Only

Globalstar Satellite Network


Aerimis accessories

Our most popular accessories are here. Get in touch if you don’t see what you need.

Aerimis rapid pack accessory kit

Rapid Pack Accessory Kit

Heavy duty aluminum tripod

Heavy-duty Aluminum Tripod with Adjustable Legs

Group 24 watertight battery enclosure for Aerimis camera

Group 24 Watertight Battery Enclosure

Aerimis camera power supply system

Power Supply System