Water, ice and snow monitoring


An effective solution to managing remote bodies of water, snow, and ice

Many remote water, ice, and snow management locations are well outside of normal cellular coverage and require a reliable satellite network to safely send important hydrologic data. Aerimis system effectively allows you to collect this information from your remote water, ice, and snow management sites such as:


  • Flood monitoring
  • Gauge stations and water reservoirs (levels and water quality)
  • Canal monitoring (levels, routing, flow, water quality)
  • Stormwater (highway runoff)
  • Water pipelines (water flow)
  • Watershed (water quality)
  • Water sediment (flow rates)
  • Flood forecasting and warning/alarm systems
  • Dyke management

Ice and Snow

  • Infrastructure monitoring—bridges, storage buildings, roads, tunnels and passes (monitoring snow and ice levels)
  • Mountains (avalanche monitoring)
  • Snowfall depth
  • Ice-clogged streams and rivers (ice monitoring)
  • River flow gauging

Save on travel costs

Our remote monitoring systems. designed to meet the operational requirements of those managing remote water, snow, and ice sites by providing regular updates, reduce the number of site trips required and preserve budgets for other priorities.

Robust water, ice and snow management remote monitoring systems

Artemis remote monitoring systems are effective, proven-in-the-field communication tools built by engineers with remote field experience:

  • Sturdy reliable equipment designed to operate in remote harsh environments
  • Lightweight, rugged, and easy to set up and configure*
  • Cost-effective satellite data communication tools using Iridium satellite networks

It’s a game changer

“This remote satellite camera is a game changer for the hydrometric world in general.”
Canadian Environmental Water Survey

This system has exactly what we need

“We had been looking for satellite camera solution for more than a year when we found exactly what we needed in this sytem. Because it fit our needs exactly, we were able to make a quick purchasing decision. We really like that it is portable, lightweight, and take up almost no room in a plane or helicopter. Installation was easy, and my boss loves that the communications portal is through email. We expect this remote satellite camera will reduce our traveling to remote sites, and that’s a significant saving since each trip costs an average of $7,000.”
US Government Science Center
Environmental Manager

*Aerimis can be ordered with a Rapid Pack Accessory Kit (part # 850-110-1030), designed to make transportation from site to site fast and easy. The Rapid Pack Accessory Kit comes with a ruggedized transportation case with laser cut foam, watertight battery case with an integrated 10Amp solar charger (850-110-1017), and deployment tools (tie downs, ground spikes, hammer). Does not include battery and camera. The weight, including 50 watt panel, is 77lbs/35kgs.