Wildfire monitoring and detection


Simplify the daunting task of managing wildfires with wildfire monitoring

Wildfire monitoring, detection, and management (before, during, and post-fire) can be made easier when wildfire cameras and sensing equipment are deployed in remote areas near the fire. Timely communication is paramount in any wildfire monitoring scenario.

Nupoint’s wildfire monitoring system provides managers relevant information from your remote wildfire sites—you’re kept fully in the know to manage every situation:

Blue and green circular segments diagram of satellite camera function to detect and monitor wildfire - clear background

Save on travel

Leveraging Nupoint camera system for monitoring modified-response wildfires and prescribed reduces the necessity for on-site inspections. Simply set up Aerimis once, and gain instant access to time-stamped images. Retrieve and redeploy the system after monitoring the fire is no longer required, and experience a swift return on investment for this straightforward yet time-consuming task and, at the same time, reduce the inevitable risk of travel in remote locations.

Purpose-built for wildfire monitoring

Nupoint’s remote monitoring system is designed to meet the communication needs of wildfire management crews:

  • Equipment designed for harsh, hot environments
  • Quick and simple to set up and configure
  • Affordable and effective photo and weather plans over satellite
  • Compact and lightweight for ease of transport*

Deployment of the remote satellite camera is a huge cost savings

“Smoldering wildfires must be monitored regularly to reduce the risk of further flare-ups and spreading, but fire patrol staff and travel costs, plus the hazards of accessing fires either via road or air, are significant. It is much more convenient for us to deploy the remote satellite camera system and get a photo emailed to us hourly to monitor fires, not to mention the huge cost savings. We’ve been using the this system for over seven years, and it has been extremely well received by our entire team.”
Wildfire Ranger
Canadian Forestry and Emergency Response
*Nupoint’s Aerimis system can be ordered with a Rapid Pack Accessory Kit (part # 850-110-1030), designed to make transportation from site to site fast and easy. The Rapid Pack Accessory Kit comes with a rugged transportation case with laser cut foam, heavy-duty tripod, a watertight battery case for 33 Ah to 100 Ah battery with an integrated 10Amp solar charger (850-110-1017), 50-watt solar panel, and deployment tools (tie downs, ground spikes, hammer). Does not include battery and camera. The weight, including a 50 watt panel but excluding the battery, is 77lbs/35 kg.