About Nupoint Portal

Manage your remote system(s) online 24/7/365 

The Nupoint portal is an efficient and convenient way to manage your remote Nupoint system(s) securely. Save time and resources by accessing images and making changes to your systems online, any time, and from anywhere in the world.

Camera management made easy

There are two ways to manage your camera features and controls:

  1. By logging on to the portal—an intuitive and easy way to manage all your systems and navigate your images
  2. By sending commands to your systems via email—see user manual

How to access the Nupoint portal

When your first Nupoint system is shipped, you will receive an email inviting you to access the Nupoint portal. If required, a member of our technical support team can provide a portal tour to ensure your system is set up exactly how you want it. Using the portal, you can also set up team members to manage your systems and access your images.