About us

Remote viewer image monitoring water and ice flows of a river in winter
Image courtesy of Environment and Climate Change Canada
Remote viewer image of mountain glacier monitoring site
Image courtesy of TEMSCO Helicopters
Mountain peaks in the Chilcoot area, Alaska
Image courtesy of USGS Alaska

Reliable satellite communications made simple

Nupoint remote satellite camera system has been designed by our team of engineering experts. Nupoint remote environmental monitoring systems are simple yet incredibly powerful solutions that make satellite communications functional, effective, affordable, and reliable. Nupoint engineers have decades of field experience and know-how to turn complex problems into simple solutions.

End-to-end satellite camera solutions

Nupoint satellite communication hardware solutions enable you to transmit, access, and control critical data effortlessly from remote locations utilizing our core two-way satellite transceiver technology, which incorporate cameras, weather stations, and data sensors and work 24/7/365. At the core of our solution, is our client portal, allowing you to configure and manage all your remote systems through one online portal, as well as allowing team member permissions and access to system images.

In response to a need for efficient and cost-effective remote environmental monitoring

Nupoint works closely with its clients. The development of our new Aerimis system solution is the direct result of client requests and feedback—allowing us to match in-the-field needs perfectly. The #1 choice of environmentalists, governments, and natural resource operators managing remote locations, Nupoint’s remote satellite camera systems can be trusted to deliver images of remote activity, including environmental conditions and natural and man-made infrastructures.

Expanding the reach of our remote satellite camera systems with Iridium

Nupoint’s new Aerimis remote satellite camera operates on the trusted Iridium network. After ten years of developing and selling our solutions within North America, we are now expanding to sell our remote monitoring systems around the globe.