Snow + Ice

An easy solution to managing remote snow and ice

Remote camera and data systems are frequently installed to monitor snow and ice build up in remote areas. Nupoint’s remote monitoring systems—Remote Viewer and Remote Detect for images and Remote Connect for data—provide the satellite data M2M communications monitoring needed to collect information from your remote sites during snowy and icy weather conditions:

  • Roads, tunnels and passes (monitoring snow and ice levels)
  • Mountains (for avalanche conditions)
  • Snowfall depth
  • Ice-clogged streams and rivers
  • River flow gauging
  • Infrastructure monitoring (bridge, storage buildings)

Cut down on travel expenses

Team members are often required to travel to remote sites to assess snow and ice conditions and manage operations. Our remote monitoring systems are designed to meet the operational requirements of those managing remote snowy and icy sites and, by providing regular updates, reduce the number of site trips required and preserve budgets for other priorities.

Durable in the harshest of weather conditions

Our remote monitoring systems are purpose-built to deliver your data in the harshest and coldest of conditions and offer you a proactive assessment tool to start solving problems before they happen.

  • Equipment designed to withstand harsh cold environments
  • Lightweight, rugged, and easy to set up and configure
  • Affordable and efficient satellite data communication tools

Recommended Solutions

 Product Description
FIXED SIGHTThe Remote Viewer Fixed-Sight is a satellite camera system that is purpose-built for image-based environmental monitoring of remote locations. The Fixed-Sight system is ideal for permanent or semi-permanent multiple season, extended field monitoring.
LITE SIGHT/RAPID PACKLite Sight is the lightest and most compact portable environmental camera on the market today. It is designed to make transport from site to site easier than ever. Lite Sight is extremely simple to setup, and in minutes, you can start transmitting scheduled images back to you and your team—quickly and efficiently.