Remote Connect Tech Specs

Satellite Communications
Uplink Speed9.6 Kbps
Downlink Speed9.6 Kbps
Satellite TypeLEO satellite, global coverage
AntennaBuilt in omni antennas
Transmit Frequency1610 – 1626.5 MHz
Receive Frequency2483.5 – 2500 MHz
Operating Temperature-40°F to +122°F (-40°C to +50°C)
Relative Humidity5% to 95% (under 104°F/40°C)
Shock and VibrationSAE J1455
GPS Capabilities
Accuracy<2.5m CEP 50%
Acquisition<3 secs hot start, <30 secs cold start
Receiver50 channels (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS)
Sensitivity-162 dBm Tracking, Reacquisition
DefencesAnti-jamming technology
ApprovalsFCC, Industry Canada
CoverageNorth America
Power Supply
Input voltage12 Volts nominal, 8 to 36 VDC
Power UsageHibernate <250uA, wake on digital inputs, Real Time Clock (RTC)
Sleep <120mW to 360mW, wake on digital inputs, RTC, RS232, Ethernet
Receive/Transmit <1.8 W/~7.2 W
Operating Modes Off, Standby, Continuous.
MessagingTransparent buffered serial port messaging
GPS FeedNMEA feed over IP or Serial
Command ServerRemote configuration facility
OTAPOver the air provisioning (OTAP)
LanguageeBASIC application scripting language
Physical Specifications
Size7.5″ x 7.375″ x 3.25″ (19.05 x 18.73 x 8.25 cm)
Weight1.8 lbs (0.82 kgs)
Connection19 pin bayonet
Protocols"Telnet, DHCP server, DNS, SSL,
Firewall, Forwarding, and more"
Geographic CoverageNorth America
INPUT/OUTPUTRemote Connect IO #1Remote Connect IO #2Remote Connect IO #3
Test Port 11 RS232 (3 wire) serial port1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port
RTU Port 1RS232 (9 wire) serial portRS232 (4 wire) serial portRS232 (3 wire) serial port
Inputs0 digital inputs*3 digital inputs*4 digital inputs*
Outputs1 low-side (200mA)1 low-side (200mA) and 1 high-side (200mA)*1 low-side (200mA) and 1 high-side (200mA)*
LAN1 Ethernet 10/1001 RS232 (3 wire) serial port1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port
Power Control1 input for power on/off1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port