Remote Connect™ — Terminal

Monitor, track, and control your remote assets

Nupoint’s Remote Connect compact satellite data transceiver terminal provides cost-effective and reliable M2M communication to monitor, track, and control assets (fixed or mobile) in isolated locations with satellite and cellular coverage.

Reliable M2M communications monitoring

Remote Connect—satellite data transceiver combines an advanced processing platform, satellite or cellular modem, and integrated antennas to reliably meet your monitoring needs. The Remote Connect terminal connects your remote scientific instruments—such as data loggers, environmental sensors (weather, snow, or water level sensor)—computers, cameras, and more via a satellite network to you and your team.

Nupoint systems remote connect data communications terminal

Fixed and mobile applications

Remote Connect transceiver (satellite and cellular) is ideal for monitoring both fixed and mobile assets. Applications include:

  • Heavy equipment—vehicles, generators
  • Weather monitoring
  • Wells and reservoirs
  • Pollution detection
  • Security and communication systems
  • Pipelines and towers

Easy to install and configure

Remote Connect transceiver (satellite and cellular) is IP based and supports a direct Ethernet interface to the internet. A RS 232 serial port provides a number of communication protocols from a simple TCP/ UDP/IP translation to a complete PPP interface. More sophisticated custom interfacing can also be accommodated using the built-in scripting capabilities. The communication interfaces available connects most off the shelf Remote Terminal Units (RTU) with your back-end server. The Remote Connect is optimized to respond quickly while minimizing both power consumption and remote site resources. The Remote Connect has a number of built-in applications covering a wide variety of typical communication needs.

Easy to program

The unit is easy to program via scripts run on the Remote Connect. The scripts are simple TXT files downloaded to a local file system. The files can be downloaded either locally or remotely over the air.

Optional Input/Output

Remote Connect is available in three IO configuration options.

We can build and/or test custom configurations

Remote Connect has been successfully integrated with weather stations (Luft and Davies), any IP-based cameras, and Reconyx cameras. We can integrate and test the Remote Connect satellite transceiver with your pre-configured intelligent instrument on our premises to ensure it executes its commands flawlessly. When tested to our satisfaction, we ship the fully configured system ready for installation. Contact us for more information.


Remote Connect IO Configuration Options

Remote Connect is available in three IO configuration options.

INPUT/OUTPUTRemote Connect IO #1Remote Connect IO #2Remote Connect IO #3
Test Port 11 RS232 (3 wire) serial port1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port
RTU Port 1RS232 (9 wire) serial portRS232 (4 wire) serial portRS232 (3 wire) serial port
Inputs0 digital inputs*3 digital inputs*4 digital inputs*
Outputs1 low-side (200mA)1 low-side (200mA) and 1 high-side (200mA)*1 low-side (200mA) and 1 high-side (200mA)*
LAN1 Ethernet 10/1001 RS232 (3 wire) serial port1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port
Power Control1 input for power on/off1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port1 RS232 (3 wire) serial port