Please note that the production of Nupoint’s Remote Detect systems has been paused temporarily. This is due to the discontinuance of the Reconyx MS7 and MS8 cameras. We are actively looking for replacement cameras. Manufacturers of cameras similar to the Reconyx MS7 and MS8 please contact us with more information.

Remote Detect™ — Series

Remote surveillance made easy

The Remote Detect series includes easy to install, highly adaptable, and cost effective solutions for your remote location surveillance needs. Fitted with one to four cameras with a motion detection sensor option, Remote Detect can be your 24/7/365 sentry, and eyes in the field monitoring, people, places, and assets.

WiFi and bluetooth enabled

Remote Detect’s satellite transceiver is WiFi and bluetooth enabled and connects with remote surveillance cameras and connects seamlessly with the Reconyx cameras. Up to four cameras can be paired up with the satellite transceiver allowing images to be sent to you via email or accessed on the Nupoint portal.

What satellite networks do the Remote Detect systems  work on?

Remote Connect technology use the Globalstar Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network. This network offers reliable, cost effective satellite communications over their proven network. This LEO satellite network—eliminate the need to point and manage an antenna.

Remote Detect Series Solutions

 Product Description
REMOTE DETECTRemote Detect is a compact, affordable, remote surveillance camera system that combines the Nupoint Remote Connect satellite data transceiver technology and one to four Reconyx MS7 and MS8 cameras.