Please note that the production of Nupoint’s Remote Detect systems has been paused temporarily. This is due to the discontinuance of the Reconyx MS7 and MS8 cameras. We are actively looking for replacement cameras. Manufacturers of cameras similar to the Reconyx MS7 and MS8 please contact us with more information.

Remote Detect™ — Satellite Camera System With Motion Detection

Security monitoring for remote properties

Remote Detect is a compact, affordable, remote surveillance camera system that combines the Nupoint Remote Connect satellite transceiver technology and Reconyx Ms7 and MS8 series cameras. This unique system reduces the worry of managing unoccupied remote properties. Ideal for both commercial properties (such as work camps, mining structures, manufacturing facilities, storage plants, and recreational lodges) as well as personal homes located outside of cellular coverage. Remote Detect delivers photos of your location via satellite to your email inbox or can be accessed on the Nupoint portal.

Know when something goes wrong—because later always costs more

Securing your remote property and leaving it unmanned has its challenges. Severe weather, trespassers or intruders, and wildlife can sometimes wreak havoc on an unattended facility. If problems do arise—it’s better to know ASAP. Remote Detect gives you the ability to assess a situation and respond accordingly. It will save you time and money by avoiding costly and time-consuming trips and when necessary allow you to make facility repairs sooner rather than later.
Nupoint systems remote monitoring satellite cameras

Technology that expands to meet your needs

Remote Detect is housed in a rugged weatherproof enclosure and combines surveillance cameras with a satellite transceiver that operates on a 12-volt power supply. Expandable from one up to four cameras, Remote Detect can maximize your surveillance capabilities.

Intelligent remote management

Remote Detect is fully programmable to take periodic photographs of your remote facility based on your preferred schedule (hourly, daily, weekly), by an on-demand command or on a motion-triggered basis. Images can be sent via email to you and your team or family member(s) or can be accessed through the Nupoint portal.

Economical data transmission

A motion-triggered event can produce a number of images in a short period of time, and sending multiple images via satellite can be costly. Remote Detect can be programmed to send a cost-effective and convenient digital contact sheet that provides a motion-triggered series of photos in one, instead of single images.

If there is an image on the digital contact sheet that is of value—e.g., a good view of a trespasser and not a family of raccoons—you can download a larger, higher resolution image of that specific photo. This reduces the amount of transmission time over satellite and reduces your costs, while still capturing critical images that can provide you with immediate photographic evidence to act on.

Built-in redundancy

Remote Detect offers built-in redundancy—both cameras (up to four) and the satellite transceiver have SD card slots, which means if you lose a camera, the images are also saved on the SD card on the satellite transceiver. Additionally, the photographs will be available in your inbox or can be accessed via the Nupoint portal.

Easy to install and affordable

Remote Detect can be installed and configured in less than 60 minutes and is an affordable solution for remote property security. You can easily manage it from anywhere in the world using a computer or smartphone with internet access through simple plain language commands.