Remote Viewer™ — Fixed Sight

Get the picture from long-term and semi-permanent remote locations

The Remote Viewer Fixed Sight is a camera system that is purpose-built for image-based environmental monitoring of remote locations using satellite or cellular coverage. The Fixed-Sight system is ideal for permanent or semi-permanent multiple season setups and for extended field monitoring.

Everything you need

Ruggedly built for use in extreme conditions, the Fixed Sight system contains everything you need to get set up remotely. Fixed Sight system components include:

  • Camera
  • Two-way transceiver (cellular and satellite model)
  • Mounting brackets
  • Secure protective panel box

The system is ready right out-of-the-box, and all components are hardwired together for quick and simple installation in under 60 minutes. This unique system provides 12’ cables that allow you to mount the camera and two-way satellite or cellular transceiver up to 12’ away from the control panel. The control panel allows you to control the camera/satellite transceiver while on-site—including triggering instant photographs.

Easy access to images for your entire team 24/7/365

Start accessing photos of your remote site immediately. The Fixed Sight remote camera system can be configured on-site or from anywhere in the world as long as you have a data connection. Customize your image taking frequency and have photos sent to you and your team via email, or access and manage them from the Nupoint portal.

Common applications are year-round sites

The most popular applications for the Fixed Site include year-round remote locations that are non-dependent on a specific incident, such as climate control, environmental conditions, weather, and static equipment monitoring. The Fixed Site is often used for the following applications:

  • Climate change monitoring/global warming measurement
  • Gauge stations
  • Dams and spillways
  • Bridges
  • Highway visibility
  • Railway passes
  • Volcano monitoring
  • Glacier monitoring
  • Marine buoy installation monitoring
  • Remote airfield monitoring

The pre-connected 12’ hard-wired cables connecting the camera/satellite transceiver and the secure protective panel box allow the camera and satellite transceiver to be mounted in an elevated location, e.g., on top of a gauge station, with the control panel easily accessible inside or outside the gauge station hut.

Nupoint systems fixed sight remote viewer satellite or cellular camera

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