Remote Viewer™ — Lite Sight Rapid Pack

A portable system ideal for short-term and semi-permanent monitoring

Lite Sight is the lightest and most compact portable environmental camera on the market today. This system is designed to make transport from site to site easier than ever. Lite Sight is ruggedly constructed and engineered for the rigors of field applications and can be set up for a week, a month, a season, or longer.

Nupoint systems light sight rapid pack remote viewer satellite camera

Easy to transport—easy to set up

Although the Lite Sight system can be used for permanent applications, it’s compact and well-suited for your short-term operational requirements in multiple locations. Ease of transport and ease of assembly and disassembly make it perfect for rapid-reaction situations. Lite Sight is extremely simple to setup, and in minutes, you can start accessing scheduled images from your remote site—quickly and efficiently.

All-in-one ruggedized camera and satellite transceiver

Lite Sight combines Nupoint’s core two-way satellite data transceiver technology and camera into one ruggedized unit that simplifies setup and takedown out in the field. Lite Sight is lightweight, sturdy, can withstand harsh weather conditions and delivers exceptional value.

Rapid deployment capabilities

Lite Sight, ideal for multiple short-term deployments, can be ordered with the following items:

Lite SightLite Sight Rapid Pack
Lite Sight satellite camera
Mounting brackets
Lite Sight satellite camera
Heavy duty tripod
Battery (in a weather tight case)
Solar panel with regulator and set up equipment (tie-downs, ground spikes, etc.)
Rugged transport case

The Lite Sight Rapid Pack includes everything you need for quick deployment in one convenient transport case.

Common applications are seasonal

The most popular applications for Lite Sight include seasonally active remote locations that are dependent on a specific incident, such as environmental, weather, and static equipment monitoring. The Lite Sight is often used to monitor:

  • Climate control management
  • Prescribed burn monitoring and modified response monitoring
  • Wildfire monitoring
  • Dams and spillways—monitoring during flood risk months
  • Avalanches—monitoring during high-risk season
  • Glacier monitoring
  • Volcano monitoring
  • Natural disasters—high-risk areas
  • River ice monitoring and river ice break up
  • Slope monitoring
  • Remote airfields and destinations


Other Remote Viewer Series Solutions

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FIXED SIGHTThe Remote Viewer Fixed Sight is a satellite camera system that is purpose-built for image-based environmental monitoring of remote locations. The Fixed-Sight system is ideal for permanent or semi-permanent multiple season, extended field monitoring and is available for satellite and cellular coverage