Remote Viewer™ Series

Manage your remote site with regular photos

The Remote Viewer series of systems (Fixed Sight and Lite Sight) has been designed for managers of remote sites, outside of cellular coverage, who need regular updates on weather conditions, equipment, or natural resource infrastructures. Rugged and compact, these systems are lightweight solutions that include a tough camera and an intelligent two-way satellite transceiver.

Customized for permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary installations

We understand that some installations are long-term, e.g., hydrologic monitoring, where others are seasonal and temporary, e.g., wildfire monitoring. Our systems have been developed to meet real-life needs: the Lite Sight is our lightweight system and is easy to transport from location to location and set up quickly—offering significant cost-savings by allowing you to use one system for several sites; the Fixed Sight has been designed to allow cameras to be mounted up to 12 feet away from the control panel is ideal for permanent and semi-permanent installations, like river gauge stations.

Built on Nupoint’s satellite transceiver core technology

The Remote Viewer series of remote monitoring solutions is built on Nupoint’s core Remote Connect satellite transceiver technology—cost-effective and reliable M2M communications that allow you to monitor, track, and control assets (fixed or mobile).

Easy setup and management

Not only can the Remote Viewer solutions be set up and ready to start taking pictures at your remote site in under an hour, you can manage your systems from the comfort of your office 24/7/365. Images are sent via email or are accessible via the Nupoint portal.

Eliminate unnecessary travel

Traveling to remote locations is costly; seeing regular photographs of the remote locations you manage, such as mountain passes, forest fires, river and ice dams, will significantly reduce your need to travel. Additionally, having a Remote Viewer solution set up in your remote location will eliminate unsuccessful travel where poor conditions at your destination could result in a wasted trip. The Remote Viewer systems reduce your costs and risks associated with traveling to remote sites and increase your effectiveness.

Nupoint and Globalstar work together to bring solutions your desktop

Nupoint’s reliable and affordable M2M solutions operate in remote locations using the Globalstar Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network. This network offers reliable, cost-effective satellite communications over their proven network.

Remote Viewer Series Solutions

 Product Description
FIXED SIGHTThe Remote Viewer Fixed-Sight is a satellite camera system that is purpose-built for image-based environmental monitoring of remote locations. The Fixed-Sight system is ideal for permanent or semi-permanent multiple season, extended field monitoring.
LITE SIGHT/RAPID PACKLite Sight is the lightest and most compact portable environmental camera on the market today. It is designed to make transport from site to site easier than ever. Lite Sight is extremely simple to setup, and in minutes, you can start transmitting scheduled images back to you and your team—quickly and efficiently.