Satellite Image Plans

Ready-to-go satellite connectivity

Nupoint’s reliable and affordable connectivity solutions operate in remote locations using the Globalstar Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network. This network offers cost-effective satellite communications over a proven network. The Globalstar network currently provides the best balance of coverage and value across North America.

Economical packages provide cost certainty!

Nupoint offers simple satellite and cellular plan options, saving you time and effort interfacing with carriers. Our plans are affordable and straightforward, and you pay only for the images you get with no extra or hidden charges! Our packages have been designed to provide you with cost-certainty, flexibility, and peace of mind. Nupoint offers data-only plans for Remote Connect. Please contact us for more information.

PlanUS $Canadian $
M40 Plan (40 images per month)$60$80
Y40 Plan (40 images per month for 12 months)$720$960
M60 Plan (60 images per month)$90$120
Y60 (60 images per month per year)$1,080$1,440
M120 Plan (4 images per day per month)$180$240
Y120 Plan (4 images per day per year)$2,160$2,880
YMax (maximum number of images permitted—limited by satellite throughput)$4,800$6,385
Activation Fee$75$75

Y refers to annual plans and M to monthly plans
Additional images $1.50 US/$2 Canadian
Nupoint reserves the right to change pricing plans with 30 days notice