Secure Areas

Keep an eye on potentially illegal activities in isolated areas 24/7

Unauthorized activities in remote areas can be difficult to monitor 24/7. Yet some situations warrant continual surveillance to keep you informed and intervene if necessary.

Nupoint’s Remote Detect is the ideal solution that puts those responsible for reducing criminal activities in control of remote locations. Remote Detect operates outside of cellular coverage, in the harshest of weather conditions, consists of up to four cameras (grey and camouflage), and can be programmed to take on demand, scheduled, and motion images of the areas you need to surveil.

Security professionals can act quickly in the event suspicious activity

Staying in the know means that if you get an image showing something out of the ordinary, you can quickly mobilize your team to travel to the location and investigate the situation. Acting quickly can make the difference in apprehending the culprits and reclaiming stolen items.

Economical satellite transmission

Nupoint makes it easy for you when it comes to setting up satellite coverage. We offer three satellite service-level packs based on number of pictures transmitted. Also, Remote Detect can be programmed to send digital contact sheets that include up to 25 images on one sheet—this saves significantly and makes tracking suspicious activity an incredibly cost-effective solution.

Easy to access images

Remote Detect offers built-in redundancy—both the cameras (up to four) and the satellite transceiver have SD card slots, which means if you lose a camera, the images are also saved on the SD card on the satellite transceiver. Additionally, all images are archived on our Nupoint portal for easy access or can be emailed to you and your team.

Remote Detect cameras

Reconyx cameras, used with the Remote Detect system, lead the way in wireless surveillance photography. Reconyx MS8’s passive infrared capability ensures you won’t miss a picture even at night , and cameras can be installed on a tripod with multi-camera mounts.

Recommended Solutions

 Product Description
FIXED SIGHTThe Remote Viewer Fixed-Sight is a satellite camera system that is purpose-built for image-based environmental monitoring of remote locations. The Fixed-Sight system is ideal for permanent or semi-permanent multiple season, extended field monitoring.