Why Iridium became the satellite network of choice for Nupoint’s global remote monitoring solution

Pioneers in remote image capture technology

In 2011, Nupoint’s founding partners initiated the research and development of a robust satellite camera tailored for operation in remote and challenging environments. Back then, this idea was groundbreaking and innovative. Although climate change was not a new concept at the time, many were unaware of its significant threat, and few acknowledged the necessity of capturing images from distant locales. Undaunted, these visionary pioneers aimed to establish themselves as market leaders.

Satellite camera systems valued by scientists and environmentalists

Today, climate change is an undeniable reality. Scientists and environmentalists recognize the immense value of Nupoint’s early-entry satellite camera systems, which are now deployed across North America. These systems deliver high-quality images at a reasonable cost from remote locations powered by only solar energy. 

The demand for remote monitoring is global

However, the demand extends well beyond the continent’s borders, with inquiries coming in from around the globe. This broader demand prompted Nupoint to seek a global satellite provider to cater to the international market. The options for global satellite system partners capable of handling the required data from these locations were severely limited.

Iridium satellite network is the perfect partner for Nupoint’s global expansion

Nupoint’s search led it to identify Iridium as a prime candidate. Particularly after Iridium introduced the Certus 100 service in 2021, which perfectly compliments Nupoint’s satellite camera system and aligns seamlessly with its objectives. Iridium boasts an impeccable reputation and operates a satellite constellation comprising 80 satellites worldwide—66 active and the remaining 14 serving as in-orbit spares. The network provides truly global, weather-resilient, and reliable connectivity, which is essential for our operations. 

The partnership opportunity swiftly materialized through discussions between Iridium’s business development team and Nupoint. The Nupoint team visited Iridium’s headquarters in McLean, Virginia, to finalize the plan, and both parties’ R&D teams collaborated. Tony Herunter, a Nupoint partner and business development specialist, commended the professionalism of the Iridium team. Despite the added complexity resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the project advanced, propelled by determination and innovation.

Introducing the Aerimis remote satellite camera monitoring system for global coverage

Launched in early 2024, Aerimis cameras provide global coverage for monitoring the effects of climate change using the Iridium satellite network. Turnkey systems that can be deployed for months or years unattended, Aerimis cameras provide a vital connection by delivering up-to-date photos of remote locations. Find out more.

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