Remote monitoring for prescribed burns—forestry application

Vancouver, BC, Canada, February 21, 2014 — Nupoint Systems Inc., a satellite data communication equipment and service provider, announced a sale of Nupoint Systems’ Remote Viewer™ to Alberta Rocky Mountain Wildfire Management Area to enable remote monitoring of prescribed burns. The prescribed burns are currently monitored in person using costly helicopter trips. Nupoint Systems Remote Viewer is expected to reduce the number of helicopter trips, and increase the cost effectiveness of monitoring remote prescribed fires.

“I am pleased to announce a project with the Alberta Rocky Mountain Wildfire Management Area for the Nupoint Remote Viewer, a system to visually monitor prescribed burns remotely. We are confident that Remote Viewer will provide a simple cost effective way to monitor the dynamic conditions associated with fire monitoring.” said Wayne Carlson, President and CEO of Nupoint Systems Inc.

Remote Viewer is quick and easy to set up and provides users with a cost effect way to visually monitor remote locations by combining digital photography with satellite connectivity. Photos can be captured autonomously, on demand, or of a local triggered event and are transmitted to the user’s server or sent via email. Multiple users are able to receive the photos, helping provide a seamless transition from one crew change to the next. Users can dynamically change the photo schedule or request a photo to check on the current status of the site.

About Nupoint Systems

Nupoint satellite communications solutions are designed by Nupoint Systems and enable environmentalists, governments, natural resource operators, and climate control specialists to transmit and access images from remote locations via satellite (Iridium and Globalstar) and cellular networks. When Nupoint monitoring systems are set up in remote locations, users can incorporate cameras, weather stations, and data sensors to work 24/7 to observe environmental conditions and manage its operations through a comprehensive system management client portal.

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